Membership Categories and Fees

We are currently only accepting Junior and Social Members at the New Course. Our other Membership categories are currently full but we would be delighted to add you to the waiting list. In the meantime we are pleased to offer Old Course Membership and if you take this up whilst waiting for Full Membership, your application will be prioritised.

Membership Categories and Costs - 2021

CategoryEntitlements & ConditionsSubscription FeesJoining Fees
3 Course Joint Membership
Full member playing rights on both the Old and New Courses, including competition golf
Full Member
Use of New Course Clubhouse and both new courses (Avening and Cherington) at all times. New Course Members are able to book tee times on the Old Course for no extra fee
Family Full Member
As above - fees are per member
£1066 less 10%£600
Old Course 7 Day Member
Full 7 Day Member playing rights on both the Old Course and selected tee times on the New Course for no extra fee
Old Course 5 Day Member
Full 5 Day Member playing rights on the Old Course only
Young Member 18-21
As for Full Members
Young Member 22
As for Full Members
Young Member 23
As for Full Members
Young Member 24
As for Full Members
Young Member 25
As for Full Members
Young Member 26
As for Full Members
Young Member 27
As for Full Members
Young Member 28
As for Full Members
Young Member 29
As for Full Members


Over 18 & Under 29
in full time education
As for Full Members
Juniors (Under 18)
As for Full Members
As for Full Members an applicant must:-
a) have no business or private address of any kind within a radius of 50 miles from the Club.
From £277Payable equal to one year subscription with no Official Handicap

Social (inc VAT) & Family Social

Social members will have full use of the New Course Clubhouse facilities but cannot play on the courses except on payment of a full green fee.

Social Spouse (inc VAT)

Spouse of playing or social member

 *3% discount on all subscriptions paid in full.

Membership Notes

All playing subscriptions are exclusive of Golf Union levies which are payable in addition at time of joining and annually at renewal.

Joining Fees

All new Members pay a one-off joining fee along with their annual subscription. The joining fee for 2021 is currently £600 and is payable in full upon joining. 

Part Year Subscriptions

The subscription payable will be on a pro-rata basis, related to the 1st of the month in which the Member joins. The subscription year runs from May 1st.


The normal method of payment is by Direct Debit and all new members (other than juniors) are expected to pay by this method. Monthly payment option is over 12 instalments from May to April.


Social Members' Joining Fees and Subscriptions are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate.