Dress Code

As a century old Members Club, we pride ourselves on our values and traditions, whilst recognising the need for a modern approach. We expect all our Members, Visitors and Guests to maintain a smart standard of dress, whether on the course or in the Clubhouse.

Course Guidelines:

The standard of dress for play on the course will be determined by the Head Professional and his staff. A smart standard of recognised golf attire is required at all times. Golf shoes and socks must be worn.

Clubhouse Guidelines:

Within the Clubhouse, the Club Houses Manager and their staff are authorised to ensure that the dress of any individual meets an acceptable standard and may require them to leave the Clubhouse should they fail to do so.

Smart casual (including smart denim) is the expected dress code; on some occasions, more formal attire may be required.

The following are not permitted at any time; golf shoes, hats or caps, tracksuits, rugby and football shirts and beachwear including flip flops. For the comfort of all, we also ask that no dirty or wet clothing is worn in the Clubhouse.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phone calls may be made or taken in the car park and on the ground floor of the Clubhouse. Calls may be made on the courses in an emergency. Silent browsing of texts and e-mails is permitted within the Clubhouse via the free Wi-Fi.


Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any part of the Clubhouse.