Welcome to the Men’s Section of Minchinhampton Golf Club. Whatever your level, there are numerous golfing opportunities, in the form of organised competitions, club knockouts, and inter-club matches.

Men’s qualifying competitions are played on a monthly basis through the course of the year, whether on a Saturday or a Sunday. In the summer months, mid-week medals and stablefords are available for on-the-day sign-up, without need for prior notice. We also run 6 fiercely-contested knockout competitions across a variety of different formats, including singles, better-ball and foursomes.

For those golfers looking for a more sociable game, the Friday and Saturday roll-ups provide the ideal opportunity to meet new members and enjoy your round without the pressure of having a scorecard in your back pocket. All such roll-ups are detailed in the club fixture list, and you need only turn up at the given time and make yourself known to the appropriate organiser, usually to be found in the bar!

As a Club, we run three separate teams; the A Team competes in the North Gloucestershire Foursomes League, and is exceptionally proud of its record, having won the league in seven of the last nine seasons. The B Team plays against the same clubs as the A Team, but in a more light-hearted better-ball format, always followed by a meal. Anyone with an active handicap can put their name down to play, and we are always pleased to extend our welcome to new players.

Akin to the B Team, the Club also plays a series of home and away ‘Club matches’ against specific clubs with whom we have a long standing relationship.

Minchinhampton is always looking to welcome new members to its ranks, and will always seek to integrate new members, be it through Club competitions, weekend roll-ups or inter-club matches.